UX Process
Divergent and Convergrant


Double Diamond

Britain's Design Council 1.
In all creative processes a number of possible ideas are created ('divergent thinking') before refining and narrowing down to the best idea ('convergent thinking'). Ideas are developed, tested and refined a number of times, with weak ideas dropped in the process.


  1. Britain's Design Council
    http://www.designcouncil.org.uk/news-opinion/ design-process-what-double-diamond



"Expanding Impact for Social Good"
Venmo - peer-to-peer payment app

Introducing a way for users to send money via their app to causes they care about , while meeting the needs of both online donors and existing users.


"Make It Clear, Fast & Easy"
CellSmart POS - Point-of-Sale system for cellular stores

Creating a simple and user friendly browser-based product for the feature rich POS system, while shortening the learning curve for new customers.


"Guided Process for Efficient Case Processing and Compliance"
Health Insurance Provider - Claims, Appeals & Grievances

Replacing an outdated component content management system with a more agile platform to enable a more efficient Appeals & Grievances process.



"Combining Gaming, Social Interaction & Physical Fitness"
Wii Move! - Apple Watch app for Nintendo's

Integrating game-like features for an Apple Watch app is an opportunity to motivating users with themes based on Nintendo characters.